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Ordnance Survey 25k Raster Tiles
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OS 25k Raster Tiles

1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster is the digital form of the popular OS Explorer Map. The detailed representation of the countryside in a way that is easy to interpret makes it particularly suited for displaying environmental applications. 20km x 20km tiles.


Ordnance Survey Contour Tiles
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OS Terrain 5 - Height Data

OS Terrain 5 (Launched July 2013) provides detailed height data, defining the physical shape of the landscape of Great Britain.. This product includes a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) depicting the shape of Great Britains landscape, adding the third dimension to analytical applications such as flood risk assessment and infrastructure developments. Shapefile Contours - GML Contours - ASCII Grid - 5km x 5km Vector Tiles.


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OS MasterMap® Vector Data

Development of new plans and governance of the planning process requires accurate, current mapping to help plan and show both impact and context of proposed planning developments, OS MasterMap Topography Layer provides the accurate framework to make your business decisions upon.

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Ordnance Survey Aerial Tiles
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OS MasterMap® Aerial Tiles

Expertly colour-balanced and corrected for geometric distortions (orthorectified), OS MasterMap Imagery Layer is seamless aerial photography of the highest quality that is available off-the-shelf at a consistent and very detailed 25 cm resolution for the whole of Great Britain.


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